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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

JAGO History

Images from the earlier ministry of Jesus Alive founder evangelist Peter Pretorius, when he was ministering to the larger outdoor crowds. The images depict crusades in various African countries and towns.

The Christian Discipleship Programme centers are established for new converts to be discipled in their newfound Faith.

Kenya CDP

Christian Discipleship Programme centres are established for converts to be discipled in their new faith.

Kenya Gospel Outreach

School Evangelism in Kenya

Students gathering, listening and responding to the message of Hope, shared by our Team.

Tanzania CDP

After every Gospel Outreach CDP centers are established. Here new converts are receiving life-transforming principles.

Tanzania Gospel Outreach

Crowds are drawn to the Outreach meetings that are conducted every day for a week.

School Evangelism in Tanzania

Students eagerly listening to the message of Hope.

Democratic Republic of the Congo CDP

The Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) consists of over 50 hours of Bible based teaching sourced from multiple churches in its development of over 10 years, recorded onto 17 DVDs and translated and dubbed into multiple African languages. This curriculum is designed to disciple new believers, existing village churches and their leadership, in living victorious lives and to teach them to fulfill the Great Commission to their village.

Democratic Republic of the Congo Gospel Outreach

Rural communities seldom get exposure to the Good News of the Gospel, being delivered in powerful and effective preaching. Crowds always gather to listen.

School Evangelism in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Rural school students gather with excitement as JAGO evangelism staff members visit their schools with the message of Hope.


Reach as Many People as Possible

EVERY person should have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and you can make it possible.