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Some Testimonies From the Field

At Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach, through our outreaches and programmes across the African continent, are expensed to many stories of life change, and miraculous events that transpire as a result of the power of Jesus Christ.

We want to share these testimonies with you here on our website, you can also check in at our Facebook page where we post testimonies as we see them


Francisca Achieng

Francisca Achieng had had a tense relationship with those close to her and family members. She shared that the CDP teachings had opened her eyes to the importance of seeking reconciliation. She said that she understood this to be the meaning of being Christ-like.

Jacklyne Okoth

Jacklyne Okoth is 33 years old and came to the Outreach on the first day and she surrendered her life to Christ. She prayed for the healing of her husband who was in hospital. She was full of Joy and came back to testify that God had touched her partner and that he had started READ MORE “Jacklyne Okoth”

Marisianah Sisa

Marisianah Sisa says she is 50 years old and shared that she had been feeling very weak for about five years. “I received healing on Friday through mass prayers. I take this time to thank God for pastor Peter for putting this vision of taking the gospel to many people wherever they go. Be blessed READ MORE “Marisianah Sisa”

Sarah Kasarani

Sarah Kasarani said that she had been under the influence of “family spirits” many years and that she had been pre-occupied with thoughts about death and that this prevented her from thinking positively. “From the moment I attended the first meeting I started feeling positive and all the negative feelings disappeared,” she said.

Sarah Juma

Sarah had suffered tremendous pain in her body. She had sought help at the doctor and had not seen improvement until she attended the Christian Discipleship Programme, where she heard pastor Peter Pretorius preaching on the power of God’s Word. Although she had not yet committed herself to Christ, after the teachings she went home READ MORE “Sarah Juma”

Mike Okonji

Mike Okoji had been involved in a serious motor car accident where the vehicle was badly damaged, although he had few injuries. The owner of the vehicle dismissed Mike after the accident. Mike came home to his village of Murumba and here he heard the Word of God and began a new spiritual chapter in READ MORE “Mike Okonji”

Miji Samson

Miji Samson shared a personal and devastating testimony with our team. Hesitant to disclose his wrongdoing at first, he knew that he had to confess his sin after accepting Jesus. When Miji was younger, and living in a different village, he stole a box of Bibles that belonged to a congregation and he burnt them. READ MORE “Miji Samson”

Mado Kombo

For three years, 17-year-old Mado Kombo battled with alcoholism and was involved in prostitution. With a marriage behind her and with a young child to care for, she came to the Outreach in search of peace and acceptance. “I drank lutuku (a strong home brew) from morning ‘til night. After hearing the Good News of READ MORE “Mado Kombo”

Berger Kalenga

Berger Kalenga is 30 and is a married father of three. He said that he came from Kabinda in the eastern Kasai. Before his grandfather died he said that although he had no property to pass on to him, he had a talisman to give to Berger. This charm had allowed the grandfather to practice READ MORE “Berger Kalenga”

Mbondo Nsonge

Mbonde Nsonge is 52, married and is the father to eight children. He said that although he attended the Methodist church, he found himself under the influence of unbelieving friends. He was also drinking heavily and squandered his money on alcohol. This meant no money was left for his children to go to school or READ MORE “Mbondo Nsonge”

Teachings Inspired Her to Pray for Daughters Healing

Sarah Akinyi’s daughter Mitchel was very ill on Monday, the first day the teachings started of the newly established Christian Discipleship Centre program in Sigomere Village, Kenya. She brought her daughter with her to the CDP teachings that day. She was so inspired by the teachings, that her faith in God increased and she believed READ MORE “Teachings Inspired Her to Pray for Daughters Healing”

To Isaack, Murder And Suicide Seemed The Only Solution

Isaack Odhiambo, aged 29 from Sindindi Village, Kenya, currently training as a welder in Sidindi trading center,is holding a ‘Panga’ sharpened on both sides. During the evangelism week Isaack planned to use this Panga to kill his uncle and a woman friend also living in the village. All this was to happen on Tuesday, our READ MORE “To Isaack, Murder And Suicide Seemed The Only Solution”

Young Rosemary’s Faith In The Power Of Prayer

Burton Karuri, Kenya’s Gospel Outreach Manager, gave the following testimony: “The woman holding the baby is called Pauline Okech, 24years old. The girl standing in the middle is called Rosemary, a daughter to Pauline. This young girl came to me after the open-air meeting in Dudi Village and grabbed my hand by force. She asked READ MORE “Young Rosemary’s Faith In The Power Of Prayer”

“Our God Is The God Of Impossibles”

Ps. Philip Kasoga from Ikulwa Village,Tanzania joyesly proclaimed ” Our God is the GOD OF IMPOSSIBLES, the pastors of the village have been praying for a long time for a preacher to come and have a big crusade, but it was not possible. The coming of Jesus Alive is our greatest miracle ever. All of READ MORE ““Our God Is The God Of Impossibles””

Pastors Unified – Dudi Village, Kenya

Rev.Mark Otieno from Dudi Village, Kenya was grateful to JAGO for encouraging pastors unity:” I wish to express my gratitude to God for what I have witnessed in Dudi during the preparation week through to the open-air meetings. The pastors have long desired unity and fellowship among us, but have failed due to division and READ MORE “Pastors Unified – Dudi Village, Kenya”

Salvation By Grace, Not Through Religion

Mr. Eliya Ludelekeja, 24yr, attended the CDP(Christian Discipleship Program) teaching centre in Ikulwa Village, Tanzania and testified: “I was born into a religious family and received the doctrine of my parent’s religion. On the first day of CDP, I came to learn that salvation is just by grace. Many religious people read their bible but READ MORE “Salvation By Grace, Not Through Religion”

Isaiah Ashamba

One man by the name Isaiah Ashamba, 52 years of age, had a total overhaul of his life during the Baraton outreach. The photos show the steps Isaiah took to see his life changed by Christ. Isaiah was in a state of despair when he came to the meeting and the only hope that was READ MORE “Isaiah Ashamba”


Angel, 19 years old. “I was involved in an unprecedented prostitution that leading my life to be a real mess. That led my father after doing his best to help come out of that in vain to chase me from their home. That was not a solution for me but led me get deeper in READ MORE “Angel”

Steve Shavaka

Steve Shavaka gave his life to Jesus at the outreach after almost giving up on life. He said: “I am grateful for the introduction of the CDP in Kaptumo, Kenya. It could not have come at a better time. I am now growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and I am growing to love READ MORE “Steve Shavaka”

Samuel Tanui

Eighty five year old Samuel Tanui has been living in Kaptumo, Kenya since his birth. Even though he made good money through his tea plantation as a young man, he was wasteful and a very bitter man. Samuel recently gave his life to Jesus and, even though he is happy, regrets only doing so in READ MORE “Samuel Tanui”

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