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The Extraordinary Life of Peter Pretorius

October 17, 2018

Peter Pretorius was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He recounts his childhood—a “riches to rags” story set in South Africa’s apartheid era. The injustices he witnessed would greatly influence him later in life when his father’s brush with death set Peter on a transformational path to salvation. This book recounts what it was like for Peter to grow up in poverty in Africa, his dramatic conversion, the early days of his ministry, powerful accounts of healing and miracles, timely stories of war and racism and an honest look at what it means to take God at His word.

This is the story of how God used an ordinary man to bring hope and healing to areas of brokenness and devastation across Africa, and as you read these riveting first-hand experiences, you’ll be challenged to believe that God can use you to accomplish the extraordinary, too. See what it’s like to stare danger in the face with Death-Defying Faith. See what it’s like to change the world.

Proceeds from the sale of books will go to the ongoing lifetime work of Peter Pretorius

Jesus Alive Ministries’ Prisons Programme

September 4, 2018
Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach (JAGO) has faithfully taken the Gospel to rural Africa for the past 35 years. Staying true to our vision of “going where others will not go and reaching the unreached where they are”, we now also take the Gospel to prisons in Kenya.

Taking the Gospel To Where It Is Needed

As referred to in Matthew 25: 31 – 46, prison ministry is essential. Jesus likens the righteous to those who take care of the hungry, the thirsty, the strangers, the naked, the sick and those in prison. HIS priority is people, and HE has equipped and motivated us to make the wellbeing of our fellow human beings our priority. Through the Jesus Alive Ministries’ Prisons Programme, we are already breaking through the darkness and turning despair into hopefulness, reaching many souls in need. After initially launching our pilot project in two Kenyan prisons, the Jesus Alive prison initiative has been lauded by the Kenyan Commissioner of Prisons, who has requested that we introduce our Christian Discipleship Programme (CDP) to all 119 prisons in the East African country.

The Reach and Purpose Of CDP In Prisons

The Jesus Alive CDP consists of over 50 hours of Bible-based teaching sourced from multiple churches over 10 years, recorded onto 17 DVD’s, and translated and dubbed into multiple African languages. This curriculum is designed to disciple new believers, existing church leaders and their leadership in living victorious lives, and to teach them to fulfill the Great Commission. Every session is filled with rich and powerful, life-changing teachings in their own language. Our prisons outreach continues to grow, with seven more facilities reached in 2018 alone, and only through the continued support of our donors will we be able to reach even more facilities in the months ahead.

CDP Teaching Centres in 119 Kenyan Prisons

December 14, 2017
We have an incredible opportunity that cannot be missed. After the amazing responses and life-changing testimonies in two prisons, the Commissioner General of Prisons in Kenya has requested that we introduce our Christian Discipleship Programme (CDP) Teaching centres into 119 prisons in Kenya! We admire all you are doing with the ministry of the gospel in your area and community but I ask you to help us. We simply cannot miss this opportunity to change the lives of 65,000 prisoners who one day will be released back into society. Jesus instructed us to reach the ‘uttermost parts’ of the earth. His statement was ‘when I was in prison you came to me.’ An investment of $2 500 will put a permanent teaching center in a prison. This includes a monitor, DVD equipment plus 50 hours of Bible-based training, dubbed into the local language, as well as the installation, oversight and transportation. Download our proposal with a copy of the Commissioner’s letter and more information.

Message from the founder

February 13, 2015
We have come to the end of another year, and how quickly it has gone!
My focus is already in 2018 and the wonderful opportunities that it will bring. 
I have a faith goal for 2018: to place a Jesus Alive Teaching Centre in every prison in Kenya. There are 119 prisons with just over 68,000 prisoners. This is an incredible opportunity as we have an official invitation letter from the head of the Kenyan Prisons Correctional Department.
I would appreciate it if you would get involved in this project with Jesus Alive.  It costs $2,000.00 for each station, which includes a monitor, DVD player and the full set of DVD’s. These include 50 hours of discipleship training, including two gospel messages in their local language. We undertook two pilot programmes in Kenyan prisons during 2017 and the results were remarkable. This led to the invitation to repeat this in all the prisons. 
It is amazing to see the powerful impact of the gospel. The Bible says it is the power unto salvation and we experience this all the time. What a privilege to witness the works of Jesus. When He answered the disciples of John the Baptist, Jesus said, “Go tell John that the blind see, the cripple walk, the dead are raised up and the gospel is being preached to the poor”. This is the calling of Jesus, and even today He is still doing His works through His followers.
Thank you for your support during the year of 2017. You truly are a blessing to our work as we partner together. May God richly bless you and yours so that 2018 will be a blessed year for you.
Peter Pretorius

Go Club Letter

February 13, 2015
Dear Go Club Member There is nothing more satisfying than to know that what you have invested in, is changing the life of another. Your participation and contribution to our Go Club is an extension of yourself. Individuals who live in rural areas are reached with the precious Gospel of Christ, giving them the opportunity to transform their lives through the Word of God, as they attend our Christian Discipleship Teaching Centre in their village. In 2014, we recorded 297,019 salvations at 38 Gospel Outreaches, with an amazing 61% of the new converts attending the Christian Discipleship Teaching Centres that were established in each of these villages after the outreach. Imagine what we can achieve together in this New Year! Please continue to participate and even consider increasing your contribution. Every additional monthly gift of just R50.00 or $5.00, enables us to reach another individual. Help us to expand the membership of our Go Club amongst your friends and family. Your passion and personal testimony could spark their interest to also be a part of the Go Club. Donate or fill in the Go Club flyer and return it to us to ensure that we have your correct details. You can download the flyer by clicking here Thank you for sharing our vision of reaching rural individuals with the Gospel of Christ. God bless you. Rev. Johan Boshoff COO

Its Not Who You Are

February 26, 2014
When Peter Pretorius started in ministry he had nothing to bank on, nothing to present anyone, no background in the church and certainly no knowledge of the Bible. He was straight off the street. “From the very day I was born again, I gave God this whole vessel. In the beginning it was a stupid vessel. I knew nothing and God had to help me.”
“From the very day I was born again, I gave God this whole vessel.”
Most of us have prayed and asked God to use us. How he uses us depends on what we are prepared to make available to him. You see, its not what or who you are; it’s what you are prepared to give. Peter reflected by saying “There are still things (in my life) I’m working on, but I have an open house commitment to the Lord that says: If theres something that offends you Lord, show me, and I’ll change it. I know I’m not perfect, I’m following you to my absolute maximum ability and I realise that there are still things that offend you and could easily offend you. But if you show me, I’ll change it.” The most powerful anointing you will ever receive from God is not to heal the sick or perform great miracles, but it is for your own life to change. That is the most powerful anointing you will ever receive and need to receive. How much and how powerfully God can use you depends on how much you are willing to change. As we, the Jesus Alive Team, travel throughout Africa, we encounter many pastors who want God to use them as powerfully as He uses Peter. They want to know what Peter’s secret to success in ministry is. The answer remains the same, what are you prepared to sacrifice? what are you prepared to give? And how willing are you 2 change? God can use you right where you are today. You don’t need to be an international preacher or a prominent evangelist to make a difference. If you make yourself completely available to Him, He will use you. You don’t have to be perfect. Just give God your vessel, He will change it and equip you for the work he has for you.