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CDP Teaching Centers in 119 Kenyan Prisons

We have an incredible opportunity that cannot be missed. After the amazing responses and life-changing testimonies in two prisons, the Commissioner General of Prisons in Kenya has requested that we introduce our Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) Teaching centers into 119 prisons in Kenya!

We admire all you are doing with the ministry of the gospel in your area and community but I ask you to help us. We simply cannot miss this opportunity to change the lives of 65,000 prisoners who one day will be released back into society. Jesus instructed us to reach the uttermost parts of the earth. His statement was when I was in prison you came to me.

An investment of $2 500 will put a permanent teaching center in a prison. This includes a monitor, DVD equipment plus 50 hours of Bible-based training, dubbed into the local language, as well as the installation, oversight and transportation.

Download our proposal with a copy of the Commissioner’s letter and more information.