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Its Not Who You Are

When Peter Pretorius started in ministry he had nothing to bank on, nothing to present anyone, no background in the church and certainly no knowledge of the Bible. He was straight off the street. From the very day I was born again, I gave God this whole vessel. In the beginning it was a stupid vessel. I knew nothing and God had to help me.

From the very day I was born again, I gave God this whole vessel.

Most of us have prayed and asked God to use us. How he uses us depends on what we are prepared to make available to him. You see, its not what or who you are; it’s what you are prepared to give. Peter reflected by saying There are still things (in my life) I’m working on, but I have an open house commitment to the Lord that says: If there’s something that offends you Lord, show me, and I’ll change it. I know I’m not perfect, I’m following you to my absolute maximum ability and I realise that there are still things that offend you and could easily offend you. But if you show me, I’ll change it.

The most powerful anointing you will ever receive from God is not to heal the sick or perform great miracles, but it is for your own life to change. That is the most powerful anointing you will ever receive and need to receive. How much and how powerfully God can use you depends on how much you are willing to change.

As we, the Jesus Alive Team, travel throughout Africa, we encounter many pastors who want God to use them as powerfully as He uses Peter. They want to know what Peter’s secret to success in ministry is.
The answer remains the same, what are you prepared to sacrifice? what are you prepared to give? And how willing are you 2 change?

God can use you right where you are today. You don’t need to be an international preacher or a prominent evangelist to make a difference. If you make yourself completely available to Him, He will use you. You don’t have to be perfect. Just give God your vessel, He will change it and equip you for the work he has for you.