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The Extraordinary Life of Peter Pretorius

October 17, 2018

Peter Pretorius was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He recounts his childhood a riches to rags story set in South Africa’s apartheid era. The injustices he witnessed would greatly influence him later in life when his father’s brush with death set Peter on a transformational path to salvation.

CDP Teaching Centres in 119 Kenyan Prisons

December 14, 2017

We have an incredible opportunity that cannot be missed. After the amazing responses and life-changing testimonies in two prisons, the Commissioner General of Prisons in Kenya has requested that we introduce our Christian Discipleship Programme (CDP) Teaching centres into 119 prisons in Kenya!

Its Not Who You Are

February 26, 2014

When Peter Pretorius started in ministry he had nothing to bank on, nothing to present anyone, no background in the church and certainly no knowledge of the Bible. He was straight off the street.

Message from the Co-Founder

Let me start by saying that I am believing with you for an amazing 2019!

It is good to begin a New Year and especially for us here at Jesus Alive Ministries where we have needed to trust God to heal our hearts after the loss of Peter


Reach as Many People as Possible

EVERY person should have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and you can make it possible.