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Next generation to lead Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach

Peter and I served God together for close on 40 years, establishing and building Jesus Alive Ministries (now Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach) with an absolute passion and dedication to win the lost and equip the church for effective evangelism. God has been with us, as have you, in leading more than 12 million people in the prayer of salvation, many of whom, I am sure, are in heaven celebrating with Peter today!

Peter’s passing was a heart-breaking time for me and yet, in the midst of great personal mourning, I felt an instruction from God to build on the foundation we had established and to expand this ministry. I was not sure how to go about this but what I have known for certain is that God is with us, just as He has always been and that He would never give an instruction without providing the resources needed to carry it out. Your ongoing support, prayers, encouraging words and financial contributions, have made the past year possible. Looking back, it is amazing to see what God has done for us. It is just over a year since Peter’s passing and I celebrate the continued anointing and blessing we have experienced on this ministry.

Our son Isak has grown up in the ministry and at the early age of six years knew God’s calling to be an evangelist. We have seen God’s anointing on his life ever since, and witnessed him minister powerfully alongside his daddy, under the corporate anointing of Jesus Alive, preaching the Gospel to more than two million people. He and his wife Terri, have a deep passion for the Gospel, the supernatural, and for equipping the church for the work of evangelism, followed by signs and wonders. I now see that these years of training under his father, was preparation for this next season in Jesus Alive. During this past year, I have enjoyed being in attendance at churches, rural outreach meetings, conferences and even in several prisons where Isak has preached under this amazingly strong anointing. Along with several church leaders and Board members, we believe that Peter’s anointing has been transferred to him along with the ability to lead this ministry, as God did with Elijah and Elisha.

It is with great excitement and expectation in my heart that I share with you the handing over of this mantle to Isak and Terri, to continue the leadership of Jesus Alive to the next generation. Isak is stepping into the role of CEO with immediate effect, with Terri supporting him as Assistant CEO, as I served alongside Peter over all these years.

I am fully supporting them in my role as Board member and Co-founder of this ministry. I ask that you please hold them in your prayers, and stand by them with unwavering support into the future of Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach.

Blessings in Jesus name,

Ann Pretorius
Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach

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