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Prison Outreach

Prison Outreach

Jesus likens the righteous to those who take care of the hungry, the thirsty, the strangers, the naked, the sick and those in prison. HIS priority is people, and HE has equipped and motivated us to make the wellbeing of our fellow human beings our priority.

We desire for all to find freedom on the inside of their being , not just within their circumstances which is why we have extended our Gospel Outreach and Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) into Prisons.
The program is simple and scalable, beginning with an evangelistic outreach where we are able to share the Gospel of Gods love and freedom with inmates. We then establish a CDP center inside the prison that we resource with videos with 50 hours of bible-based teachings in the local language as well as everything needed to facilitate the program’s sessions like a TV and power generator. We train the prison chaplain to follow out the program with his students until completion that culminates with a graduation ceremony where they are awarded a certificate in front of fellow inmates and family members.
More importantly , through this, hearts are softened and a sense of purpose and dignity restored as souls are set free into His Kingdom.

Reach as Many People as Possible

EVERY person should have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and you can make it possible.