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Angel, 19 years old.

I was involved in an unprecedented prostitution that leading my life to be a real mess. That led my father after doing his best to help come out of that in vain to chase me from their home. That was not a solution for me but led me get deeper in that life. I heard the message about the love of God the first night of the GO in my village, gave my life to Christ and received an instant deliverance from that life. Since that night my life is totally transformed. I went back home, reconciled with my parents apologizing for my old bad behavior. My father forgave me and allowed me to return back home where I am now at peace with my family members because of Christ my Lord. I thank the Lord for sending us such a lovely ministry and team to us. We love them and wish them to come back again. They brought in my life what no one has and could ever bring. To Him all the glory.