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Isaiah Ashamba

One man by the name Isaiah Ashamba, 52 years of age, had a total overhaul of his life during the Baraton outreach.

The photos show the steps Isaiah took to see his life changed by Christ. Isaiah was in a state of despair when he came to the meeting and the only hope that was left for him was Christ and Christ alone. As you can follow the photos, Isaiah came to the meeting half drunk and sat lonely in the field. He listened to the word of God in that state and even before the altar call was done he was up on his feet ready to surrender his life to Christ.

He moved to the altar and by the time the altar call was being done he was in front next to the preacher. This man moved me and at one juncture I thought he was mad because of the way he was dressed. When I saw how he was emotional I called him to the stage and I asked him what he wanted. He answered that he wanted to get saved. That touched me and before I prayed for him I requested him to confess his sins. He confessed and shared with the crowd how he had suffered as an alcoholic addict for many years. He moved the crowd when he confessed that due to this problem his wife ran away leaving him with two of his children.

He testified that the gospel of Christ preached that day made him realise that Christ was the only answer to his life. After praying for him I gave him a holy kiss to welcome him to the kingdom of God and I requested him to go home and shave his untidy hair and come the following day sober and decently dressed to signify a new dawn in his life. He promised to do that and true to his word he came the following day a changed man. When he took to the stage to testify about the joy of salvation in his life, everybody started shouting loudly in praise of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

It was great seeing how the gospel of Christ was able to touch and transform the life Isaiah. The smile on his face as he walked down the stairs spoke more loudly than his words. This marked a new beginning not only to Isaiah but also to his family.