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Nadine Orpa

Nadine Orpa, a resident from the Lukafu village in DRC recently testified at our Christian Discipleship Program. As a full-time housewife with five children in her care, she has battled alcohol addiction for seven years. ‘’I was influenced by my parents to consume alcohol. According to our customs, drinking was not a sin. It was normal for us. My husband and I used to drink together. The people of my village gave me the advice to quit drinking but I felt they were judging me. The teachings of the Christian Discipleship Programs in my village did not interest me at first but I did watch the Jesus Film, and it showed me how Jesus and his disciples lived. And I could not imagine that pain that Jesus had to go through for our sins. He died on the cross for me. I had made the decision to give my life to Christ and stop drinking. My husband and my family have now received salvation in Christ.”