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Salvation By Grace, Not Through Religion

Mr. Eliya Ludelekeja, 24yr, attended the CDP(Christian Discipleship Program) teaching center in Ikulwa Village, Tanzania and testified: I was born into a religious family and received the doctrine of my parent’s religion. On the first day of CDP, I came to learn that salvation is just by grace. Many religious people read their bible but preach the word of God with no impact. Our CDP teacher Peter Pretorius warned that a religious person may follow diligently the principles of his or her religion and be sure that he or she is on the right track, but without receiving Jesus, the judgment is still upon them. I was totally not aware of the plan of God of salvation through Jesus Christ. So let this ministry continue to take the good news of Jesus to Rural areas in Tanzania so as to fulfill God’s plan of saving His people. I have been blessed for what you are doing in Tanzania.