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To Isaack, Murder And Suicide Seemed The Only Solution

Isaack Odhiambo, aged 29 from Sindindi Village, Kenya, currently training as a welder in Sidindi trading center,is holding a Panga sharpened on both sides. During the evangelism week Isaack planned to use this Panga to kill his uncle and a woman friend also living in the village. All this was to happen on Tuesday, our second day of the outreach. Isaack was living with his uncle because both his parents had died. Isaack and his uncle had an argument because Isaack has been having an affair with a woman friend in the neighborhood. The uncle felt that Isaack was misbehaving and on Monday he told Isaack that by Tuesday he should pack and leave his house. The decision by his uncle angered Isaack and he felt that life is not worth living anymore. On Tuesday morning he decided that he was ready to die but he would not die alone; he decided that he would kill both the woman friend who has made his uncle to chase him away and also kill his own uncle for not caring for him. On Tuesday morning he borrowed a Panga from a neighbor. He went with it to the workshop and sharpened it very well on both sides so that it would accomplish his plan properly. The workshop is not very far from the outreach ground and through the loud speakers, Isaack heard the message that was being preached from the pulpit. The gospel of Christ penetrated in his heart while training at the workshop and it convicted him that the wicked plan he had was from the devil and he needed to repent of his sins and turn to God for mercy and forgiveness.