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Veronica John

Veronica John is from the Mwigumbi village in Tanzania.

I have been involved in witchcraft for many years. I used to take people’s DNA samples like a strand of hair or objects to do bad things to people. People the village would pay me to bewitch other people. When I heard that the Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach team was visiting my village, I was so furious. I wanted them to leave immediately because I knew they would be against my witchcraft practices. I tried to get rid of the ministry but it did not work. I attended the Christian Discipleship Program to see what was it all about. I heard about Jesus in the teachings but I wanted to see the miracles he did for his people. They were showing the Jesus Film the next evening and I had a sense of believe in it. I did many bad things to people and I decided to stop my evil ways. I came for prayer to the Pastor and after a few days I was set free from my witchcraft practices. I have given my life to Christ and I just want to thank the Jesus Alive team for everything! May God continue to bless your ministry.