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Young Rosemary’s Faith In The Power Of Prayer

Burton Karuri, Kenya’s Gospel Outreach Manager, gave the following testimony: The woman holding the baby is called Pauline Okech, 24years old. The girl standing in the middle is called Rosemary, a daughter to Pauline. This young girl came to me after the open-air meeting in Dudi Village and grabbed my hand by force. She asked me to go with her and pray for her brother, Jerald, held by Pauline on the photo. Her faith touched and moved me and I asked her what the problem is. She explained to me that her brother has been sick since he was born. She told me that his right eye was swollen and his head was also swollen. As she explained to me the situation of her brother she pulled me and told me we must go to where her brother was lying. Though it was late and the dark was setting in I felt I cannot abandon this young girl with such great faith. I followed her as she walked fast towards where her brother was with the mother selling some sugarcane to get money for food. We walked some meters from the crusade ground and sure enough I found her brother, Jerald, seated next to the sugarcanes that her mother was selling. The boy looked weak and the eye and the head was very swollen. The mother looked distressed as she listened to me, as I explained how Rosemary urged me to come and pray for her brother. She was speechless and looked confused because though the meeting was happening some meters away to where she was selling the sugarcane, she did not have faith like her daughter for the healing of her son. She could not also come to the meeting because she had been part of a religious cult in the village. I asked her whether she believed that God has power to heal her son. She said yes. I prayed for the young boy and I requested the mother to come the following day in the meeting and tell me how the boy was doing. The following day she came to the meeting and testified that the boy had a very peaceful night. Pauline, convicted by the power of God upon her son and the faith of her little daughter Rosemary, believed in Jesus Christ and received her salvation in tears on her knees. I must be sincere that I have been doing meetings since 2007 but I have not seen such great faith like the one of the young girl, Rosemary. We give God all the glory for touching the young boy and also for using Rosemary to bring salvation to her mother.